Life and Death

May 10, 2015


Life and Death

Recently, I have been considering the juxtaposition between living and dying. I am not ashamed to admit I was prompted after watching a great television show (Mad Men) that caused my thoughts to whirl. It seems to be that we are simultaneously living and dying in every instant of our lives. By this I mean by every breath we take, we live, but every breath also puts humanity one step closer to dying. Every day we live is every day the likelihood of death seems to increase. And one day we will take our final breath and live and die in the same instant.

This thought terrified me in the very instant it came into my mind. It prompted the typical angst filled questions that litter everyone’s mind, but the one that stood out the most; what purpose does existence serve? It seems as if our purpose as living beings is to figure out how to be happy in a constant state of contradiction. To live is to die and to die is to have lived. And in some aspects this seems to be a grim way to view humanity but in another instance, this is central to survival.

To recognize ourselves as finite beings allows us to try and make ourselves immortal. I started to write a blog because I think on a subconscious level, I am afraid of being forgotten, of living and dying without any permanence of my soul existing in this small world. Death in itself seems to motivate almost every action a person performs. We write, read, paint, and produce art to feed the inevitable decay of our existence. Yet, in the same way this consumption by decay seems to show how and why we lived. Every movement, every time we feel torn between the menial decisions of life, we support our own contradicted existence. Every day we fight the bloodied battle between life and death just by purely living.

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